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Experience by Design


WE are time sculptors. We shape the time of your life through designed experiences. We elevate the human condition.

WE are beauty hunters and seekers of awe and delight. Mediocrity has no place here.

WE are one , and follow our own path and potential. We cannot be contained.

WE beckon change and embrace events that change and grow us. New is our norm.

WE hold our family sacred and those we adopt along the way.

WE are thinkers and builders.

WE shepherd our designs all the way to their existence.We are not ghost designers.

WE always start with art, the power of the brush stroke is mightier than the power of the machine.

WE are connectors in giving and creating a networked community for a creative economy of tomorrow.

WE are resourceful and not wasteful and always seek out like minded people. Alignment is like fuel to us.

WE will always always always work on that which makes our heart flutter.






Bring your brand world to life through 5 senses design

Bring your brand to life with 5 sense design that invites your clients to feel your brand and adopt it as their lifestyle brand.

We create memories through our senses. Our senses allow us to exist. Using our multi-sensory design philosophy we create aspirations that invite your customers to feel your brand and adopt it as their lifestyle brand. 

Keynote-Peter McGrath Portfolio-2019.001


Stories come to life

Creating immersive environments where story worlds come to life is our forte. ZaP Ink Studios has over 35 years of experience building the worlds of well known Story brands. If you are contemplating an immersive themed entertainment venture, we are your best possible collaborators to help create , design & build it. Contact us for more details.



The Living Environment

Creating a memorable living experience in the world we inhabit is what drives ZaP Ink Studios. Dwellings that reflect lifestyle aspirations are our strength. Whether it’s contemporary Californian or heritage renovations. Check out some of our projects and contact us for more details.



Canyon Classics

Capturing the harmony of art and engineering , the classic car enthusiasts lifestyle experience is manifested in Canyon Classics.... a club for car enthusiasts. Here, like minded people share their passion and the club in a classic car world  that transports them to another time . A safe place to store their hard earned treasure and to share it with loved ones and friends , all within easy access to the best driving roads in southern California . Car heaven!!





CO-Founder & CEO

Zohreh Sadeghi is a creative and artistic Architect with professional experience in Architecture and Art. Her Architectural experience ranges from blue sky and conceptual design through construction

documents for global projects in theme parks, mixed-use, residential, hospitality and commercial and urban planning sectors. Zohreh explores art through painting, sketching, collage, sculpture, photography and digital media. She received her Masters in Architecture and Urbanism and a Certificate in Building Science in 2007 from Southern California Institute of Architecture and has been featured in international art exhibitions and achieved her architects license in 2018 in all 50 of the United States.

She spend 10 years at Walt Disney Imagineering, as a Senior Architect  working on Tokyo Disneyland Resort projects as well as domestic projects at Walt Disney World. Prior to this experience, she spent four years at the prestigious international firm 5+Design, where she collaborated on mixed-use developments in commercial retail, multi-family residential, resort hospitality projects, and interior design. She began her career in Iran, where she received her Bachelor of Art in Architecture from Azad University in 2005. Subsequently, she secured an internship at Mojda and Associates, where she assisted in construction documents for Low Income Housing for the city of Bam after the Great Earthquake. Ms. Sadeghi also worked with Architect Moniri on a remodel of a 130 sqm. single-family residence.

Her love of painting and art formed early, and before she relocated to the US at the end of 2005, Ms. Sadeghi's artistic endeavors led to three exhibitions of her paintings including Professional Abstract Acrylic painting exhibition in Khak Gallery, and in 2001, selected Work in Oil at the Tamashagahe Tarikh Gallery, both in Tehran, Iran.

At the end of 2006, she continued her pursuit of Architecture in Los Angeles at Pfeiffer Partners, where she gained hands-on experience in project types including educational and cultural building types, contributing to Schematic Design and Design Development phases of multiple projects.

Ms. Sadeghi received the Graduate Research Scholars Grant and John Parkinson Scholarship, from the University of Southern California in 2005. In 2004, she was recognized with Appreciation of Service Award for contribution to Structural Research Gallery, Azad University, Iran and Recognition of Service Award for organizing the “Design of The Disabled” workshop, Tehran, Iran. She volunteered for the Planning Committee for Revitalization of Richardson Family Park, Los Angeles, 2006-08, and currently is an Associate Member of American Institute of Architects, Los Chapter, CA, and a member of the United States Green Building Council, Los Angeles Chapter.


Sunland-Tujunga, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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