Experience by Design


WE are time sculptors. We shape the time of your life through designed experiences. We elevate the human condition.

WE are beauty hunters and seekers of awe and delight. Mediocrity has no place here.

WE are one , and follow our own path and potential. We cannot be contained.

WE beckon change and embrace events that change and grow us. New is our norm.

WE hold our family sacred and those we adopt along the way.

WE are thinkers and builders.

WE shepherd our designs all the way to their existence.We are not ghost designers.

WE always start with art, the power of the brush stroke is mightier than the power of the machine.

WE are connectors in giving and creating a networked community for a creative economy of tomorrow.

WE are resourceful and not wasteful and always seek out like minded people. Alignment is like fuel to us.

WE will always always always work on that which makes our heart flutter.






Bring your brand world to life through 5 senses design

Bring your brand to life with 5 sense design that invites your clients to feel your brand and adopt it as their lifestyle brand.

We create memories through our senses. Our senses allow us to exist. Using our multi-sensory design philosophy we create aspirations that invite your customers to feel your brand and adopt it as their lifestyle brand. 

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Stories come to life

Creating immersive environments where story worlds come to life is our forte. ZaP Ink Studios has over 35 years of experience building the worlds of well known Story brands. If you are contemplating an immersive themed entertainment venture, we are your best possible collaborators to help create , design & build it. Contact us for more details.



The Living Environment

Creating a memorable living experience in the world we inhabit is what drives ZaP Ink Studios. Dwellings that reflect lifestyle aspirations are our strength. Whether it’s contemporary Californian or heritage renovations. Check out some of our projects and contact us for more details.



Canyon Classics

Capturing the harmony of art and engineering , the classic car enthusiasts lifestyle experience is manifested in Canyon Classics.... a club for car enthusiasts. Here, like minded people share their passion and the club in a classic car world  that transports them to another time . A safe place to store their hard earned treasure and to share it with loved ones and friends , all within easy access to the best driving roads in southern California . Car heaven!!



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Founder & CEO

Peter McGrath recently co founded ZaP Ink Studios, an experience design studio, bringing the stories of brands and places to life through a multi sensory design philosophy that harnesses his 32 years experience in themed entertainment design and corporate brand marketing to innovate new lifestyle experiences that appeal to the consumers and guests of tomorrow.
Peter headed up the Creative studio of the Freeman company worldwide. He was the SVP of Creative charged with extending Freeman’s design capability in to new realms and forging new paths with Corporate clients and Institutions bringing the medium of Live brand experience to the Events and Expositions Industry.
Previously, Peter led the Creative Studio of Walt Disney Imagineering as Executive of Creative Development – the creative division of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts worldwide – in Glendale, California, bringing more than 25 years of Disney experience to his role. In this role Peter has held responsibility for providing creative development and leadership through talent casting, idea generation and sustainment, concept design, creative direction, show producing, dimensional design, pre-visualization and integration of strategic alliance partnerships.
Peter started his career with Walt Disney Imagineering in 1989 in Paris where he was a Project Engineer for several rides and attractions in Fantasyland. He was involved in the design phase of the originally planned MGM Studios for Paris in 1993 and contributed to the expansion plan for Paris in 1994.
During the design and construction of Tokyo Disney Sea, Peter spent five years in Los Angeles and Tokyo as Director of Design Management and functioned as a Project Manager for four of the Lands at Tokyo Disney Sea through 2001. He spent several years directing the design of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort before rejoining Disneyland Paris in 2004 as Executive Creative Director, leading the Creative Imagineering group in Paris. In 2008 Peter returned to Walt Disney Imagineering, Glendale and led the Creative Studio providing content to all Walt Disney Parks and Resorts worldwide; through talent casting and creative development management. In 2015 Peter expanded his role to include the Enrichment talent development strategy for all 3000 Imagineers worldwide.


Sunland-Tujunga, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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